Your dearest partner is gone and you are set to find them, no matter how long it takes. Set off on a wild adventure and pray to RNG gods to look after you.


  • A fantasy world full of mythical creatures
  • Three playable classes
  • 20 different character abilities
  • Tens of unique, randomly drawn encounters!
  • Pixelated artwork in a style inspired by early 90s adventure games
  • Text-based RPG gameplay
  • Occasional humor delivered to you by the writers who did their best!
  • Food, gold, and abilities management
  • Permadeath 馃拃


The art in this game is nearly exclusively derivative work based on publicly available assets with permissive licenses.

I do not claim to own this content and you are free to redistribute all of it on terms compatible to those they were originally distributed on.

All original licenses and credits are listed and included with the game files.

Special thanks go to Marcus J. Ranum for his vast collection of freely available stock model photos.


Sharp Turn for Windows 23 MB
Sharp Turn for Linux 25 MB
Sharp Turn (legacy Gtk# edition) 9 MB

Development log